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Welcome to the Bristol Clojure Community

For the start of this year we are going to be working our way through the classic text book Structured Interpretation of Computer Programs or SICP as it is generally refered to.

But, we're not going to just read it. O no. Tried and failed at that. Instead we're going to piggy back along on the rather excellent idea that is SICP Distilled, a project being created by the quite mavellous Mr Tommy Hall.

In a nut shell, each month (ish) Tommy is going to create a video summerising a chapter of the book and create exercises using Clojure to express the content.

Currently we're thinking people will watch the video at their own convenience and we'll get together to do the exercises and generally have a chat about it.

Who is this for?

People interested in learning Clojure. We'll be doing the exercises in the language and they'll be a number of experienced people there who can answer any questions you might have.

People interested in SICP. It's one of the classic text books on the Computer Programming. No matter what your experience level there are insights to be gained.

People who like beer and/or pizza.

How do you get involved?

Pop into our Google Group and say hello, follow us on Twitter or join us on Meetup.

Don't worry if you have no Clojure experience, just let us know! We can easily run an intro session to help people get laptops setup or explain the language.

Hopefully you'll join us for what is going to a memorable experience,

Matt, Tom, Rich & Mark